Video Presentation Systems

Video projection systems have become very common in churches, where they can supplement teaching and worship through music; schools, where they can demonstrate visual lessons that can't be chalk-boarded; and conference rooms, where they can help the charts come to life.  But the key to an effective presentation system is in doing it right by customizing for the environment:

  • What is the optimal screen size?
  • How do I deal with ambient light?
  • How bright does the projector need to be?
  • What type of screen is best for the viewing angles required?
  • Where will the projector mount?
  • How will we conceal all the wires?
  • What cables and signal type will give the best performance?
  • How can we make it easy to use and reliable to control?

We have experience working with churches, schools and commercial institutions.  We pay great attention to all of these questions so that we can design, configure and install a system that best fits our clients' needs.  And in keeping with our tagline, it must be simple to operate!