Lighting Control

A Lighting Control System from Connectivity Works can replace rows of confusing conventional light switches with simple and convenient low-voltage switch panels. Not only does this eliminate wall clutter, it also allows control of any light in the house from any switch location.

Scene Lighting -- Our lighting control systems give you the luxurious feature of whole-home scene lighting. With the touch of a button, you can alter the mood of a room or your whole home. For example, one press of the "MOVIE" button can lower the kitchen lights to a dim glow, cause the great room recessed can lights to dim, and have the wall sconces turn on for accent lighting...with the touch of one button, you've created the perfect ambiance in which to view a movie.

Integration -- Lighting control systems may be integrated with other control systems such as AMX or Elan to include lighting control with control of audio and video systems from touch screens or keypads.

Automation -- Lighting events may easily be automated with an integral astronomical clock which calculates sunrise and sunset each day so that dusk and dawn events may be implemented.

Connectivity Works is an authorized dealer for CentraLite and LiteTouch/HomeTouch Systems. We are also factory trained and certified installers. Some of the best features of these systems are:

Pathway Lighting -- Illuminate pathways through your home with the press of a button.

Soft On/Off -- This rate-adjustable feature brings your lights up and down slowly and softly, giving your eyes time to adjust when the lights are switched. "SOFT ON" reduces eye strain when entering a dark room. SOFT OFF slowly fades the lights, giving you time to cross the room or slip into bed.

Key-Chain Remote Control -- A key-chain remote lets you take the power of whole-home lighting control into the palm of your hand. You'll never have to come home to a dark house or run through the home turning off lights when you're in a rush. With the touch of a button, you can turn all the lights off or just leave a few on.

All On/Off -- Central home lighting control puts the lights in your home at your command. When you're ready to turn in for the night, you need only press one button from your bedside to turn off all of your home's lighting. If you hear a strange noise in the middle of the night, you can instantly turn on every light, completely illuminating your home by pressing the "ALL ON" button located next to your bed.

Vacation Mode -- When you invoke vacation mode, your lighting system randomly turns on designated lights to simulate normal home activity. Rather than just using timed light, this recreates the effect of occupancy.

Flash Feature -- Lighting systems can also be integrated with your home security or smoke detection system. When the alarm is tripped, the system can light a path out of the house, strobe all the lights in the house, or flash outdoor lights, letting neighbors and police know that something is wrong.