Security Systems

Connectivity Works provides security systems to give you peace of mind. We partner with local and national monitoring companies and provide an ongoing “local presence” to our clients that lasts long after the sale and installation of your system.

We provide basic security systems, covering intrusion and fire protection, as well as very advanced systems that provide features such as:

  • Display from front-door and other outdoor cameras broadcast to every TV in the house
  • Intercom system from the front door to any telephone in the house
  • Remote monitoring and control of heating and cooling systems over an Internet connection
  • Remote video surveillance over an Internet connection
  • etc.

Most importantly, purchasing a security system from Connectivity Works ensures that the system is integrated in such a way to work optimally with the other technology systems in your home (such as key-chain remotes and lighting), leaving you with easy-to-use control, and peace of mind.