Multi-Room Sound

A feature that is quickly growing in popularity in new home construction and renovation is multi-room sound, sometimes referred to as “Whole-House Audio.” Multi-room sound allows you to keep all of your electronic components (CD player, iPod or MP3 player, radio, cable box, etc.) in one central location (out of the way) and to be able to play any one anywhere in your home.

Let’s say you are listening to your favorite inspirational radio show on your multi-room sound system, and perhaps someone else wants to listen to his or her favorite compact disc. No problem. They can easily pick the CD they want to listen to, and control volume and track from whatever room they are in.

Connectivity Works brings whole-house sound to your new or established home! From bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchens to living rooms to outdoor decks and garages, our multi-room sound systems will have you covered. All of this is accomplished with simple controls and speakers recessed in the ceilings or walls. No wiring clutter, no confusion!